Commercial Portraits | On Site

Working on construction site's comes with many photography challenges, they are busy places with heavy machinery moving around, Health & Safety procedures that need to be adhered to and all of this while carrying all the equipment you will need for the shoot.

Setting up lighting on site is usually not an option without a lengthy method statement and risk assessment, so harnessing natural light, using reflectors and also subtle post production is usually the only way.

The images below were taken in a variety of places, from the top of a tower crane in central London to a large site next to Wembley Stadium.

Wembley Park Construction
Site works at Wembley Park
Site works at Wembley Park
Site works at Wembley Park
Site works at Wembley Park


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Wembley Park | The Color Run 2015

Before anyone says anything I know I have spelt 'Color' without a 'u' but it's originally an American event so it's spelt the American way.I love covering this event for Wembley Park, as the atmosphere is amazing and people love having their picture taken, some even demand it!

More images from this event can be seen here -