Poden Farms

I was commissioned last year by the lovely people at Poden Farms to create an image library of their beautiful horses and great staff at work for use in the UK and USA. 

On the day of the shoot we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather and a light breeze, this was handy as we did some aerial footage as well.

The staff at the farm were great and really up for a laugh during the shoot, the horses were the stars of the show though, very calm with flashes going off and drones flying around, it just shows how well they have been trained, yet getting a bit cheeky when the camera was pointed at them (see pic 5)!

Below are some of my favourites images from the day.

Poden Farms shoot.
Poden Farms shoot.
Poden Farms shoot.
Poden Farms shoot.

Yes that is a treadmill for a horse!

Poden Farms shoot.

Typical, when you want a horse to be serious.

Poden Farms shoot.


Here is a link to more images - www.chriswinter.co.uk/poden-farms


Shot with:

Canon 1Dx

Canon 5d mk3 

Canon 24-70mm f2.8L mk2

Canon 70-200mm f2.8L mk2

Profoto B1 lighting and modifiers